Last Message.

Okay,I don’t know from where to begin. Even you know I’m too bad at expressing things,first. I’d like to thank you for every library moments. For every hugs and pecks you gave. To be more precise  every bad or good moments spent with you. I mean moments spent with you good or bad has to be special.
I just wanted to thank for everything you gave. Again good or bad,I still remember that first bus stop time when you held my hands unknowingly for the first time, our first kiss.
When you were with me I could say that how lucky I’m to have you, now when you’re gone all I could say is how lucky I was to have you.

 I don’t know how your nights are going but on this side it’s miserable. Every night I’m losing myself little more and little less. I don’t know why this heart is still waiting, for someone to find this lost soul. I want that someone to be you.

From someone you once loved.

Tanveer Khan.


There are some messages I’ve typed but cannot click the button send.

There are some words that belong to you I can only say in my head.

Pair of lips that belongs to you which I cannot kiss again.

Pair of eyes that belongs to you into which I cannot look again.

Love which for me belonged to you.
Perhaps  I don’t think I’ll ever love someone again.

There’s a feeling that belongs to you, that feeling which now I cannot feel the same.

Tanveer Khan

Note to her.

Hey,how are you?. Well I don’t know from where to start with but I just wanted to congratulate you. You’ve done your work,you’ve killed me,not physically but mentally.

Though I don’t have any right to tell you anything but yes I wanted to tell you something,that in future don’t do this to someone again. Don’t come close to them if you’re going to leave. Don’t hold their hand if you’re never going to touch their skin again. Don’t feel their heartbeat if one day you’re going to take their heart away or else they’ll turn dampened like me.

I’ve never stopped you from making decisions and never will. Though I don’t even have any right to do so but just make sure whatever decision you take doesn’t get back to you with a problem.

Do me a favor if you love someone then love them truly or don’t love them at all,don’t leave them hanging around. Just like you left me. There are many things left unsaid. I feel things are incomplete. I don’t know what but something is.  Maybe it had to end like this.

P.s – I’d still care for you.

Tanveer Khan


Everything would be fine.
If only you would have kept your promise of staying by my side forever;
But maybe you had to leave.

If only you would have kept your promise of loving me in all seasons;
But maybe you had some relevant reasons.

If only I knew it would end like this, I wouldn’t take a start
But maybe I thought we had a chance

If only we started at the boundaries of forever
But maybe we had to end at the boundaries of never.
Everything is not fine because
“IF was IF” and “MAYBE was not MAYBE”.

Tanveer Khan


One word – “I”

Two words – ” I MISS”

Three words -“I MISS YOU”

Four words – “I MISS YOU, I”

Five words – “I MISS YOU, I MISS”

Six words – “I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU”


Eight words – which says  “YOU NEVER LOVED ME, I MUST NOT WAIT”


Ten – which says “10 ME AT ONE END AND NOTHING AT THE OTHER . ”

Tanveer Khan


Wish you’re smiling.
Wish you’re happy.
Wish you’ll never leave.
Wish you’ll miss me.
Wish you’ll come back.
Wish you never left.
Wish you were here.
Wish I was there.
Wish it was never ending forever.
Wish if things can change.
Wish if wishes come true.

I’d wish you back.

Tanveer Khan


She left me with
 a pain in my chest
When she said that
She cannot stay.
Oh god I pray
Missing her is easy
I do it everyday
I’ve tried everything but
Oh god I cannot forget her
All around I can see only one way
Missing her brings a pain in my soul
I cannot live with that pain
It hurts me little it hurts my soul.
Please do something, delete;
Her memories or undo my goals
If you cannot do this then.
Oh god please. .
Please take away my SOUL.

Tanveer Khan


You left me with a drowning heart,
They say love is nothing;
But just a piece of art.
You left me behind with
 an unpleasant smile.
I thought you’ll love me forever
But it was just for a while.
My love got lost and I couldn’t find,
I hate the feeling that i  cannot;
 call you mine.
You were the one I used to love,
Now you’re the one i hate the most.
I thought I’ll hate you deeply
But unknowingly I started
Hating you sweetly.
You left me behind with a broken
Heart and some treasured memories.
But you never understood
I only wanted you,
I never wanted memories.

Tanveer Khan


When you left me, my heart it;
Skips a beat
Down the peak
I feel so weak.

One day you’ll come back,
I wish
I dream
I wish
I dream.

I see you with another guy,
I look
I turn
I cry
And run.

One day I’ll be over you,
I will
I can
I think..
I think.

Tanveer Khan

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