Not talking only about the suicidal girl but about all of them who attempts suicidal activity.
I feel that when we really get
that down, that overwhelmed and that
burdened with life that we start to
contemplate and plan suicide. They are constantly torn between killing themselves and killing the pain inside them.
Do these people really want to die?
“No one commits suicide because they want to die.”
“Then why do they do it?”
“Because they want to stop the pain.
We don’t know how they feel , they can’t eat and they can’t sleep ,they don’t do well with their activities , they don’t have a normal functional life.
They think ending up their lives to stop the pain is the only way to get over it , they think collection of random pills and they’ll drift away. But they don’t think about the consequences ,the impact that will be caused after they die , they don’t know that immediately after they die their loved ones would die too maybe not with the same blinding rush of pain ,but this happens .They have to live a life without a heart.
What if they don’t die? Their life would be more vulnerable than the one before.For instance :Spending half of their life on bed.
They must be motivated , the idea of attempting suicidal activity must be overridden by the fear , fear of death but in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself .These people must open up overcome the fear of getting slutter. Facing your problems is an identity of a strong personality in this universe. There is no problem that cannot be tackled. We just have to gather the love and strength of love by our surroundings.

A poem to motivate them
Knives give you pain,
Acids causes stain,
Drugs causes cramp,
But not bigger than that lamp,
You must lay,
Because guns are not the only way,
To everyone love is what you must give,
This wonderful life you must also live.