“I need to go away , far away from you “, she said with a low voice.
“Distance doesn’t matter”, i said with a smile on my face “As long as we share the same sky and breathe same air.
I know you would be too far away from me to hold your hand but this distance won’t be big enough to separate our hearts.
Distance may separate us by places but trust me love our hearts remain inseparable.We will be together even when we would be apart.
I know it would be tough, tough like hell to maintain a long distance relationship, because the loneliness would hit us hard, the pain of separation would destroy us and no one can withstand that pain, it is just so vulnerable.
I know at times you won’t  be there when i need you , i won’t  be there to share up your problems but yes we can overcome all of them, our relationship is not that weak. These problems cannot make our relationship fall apart like a house  of cards.
Everybody worries about the separations but separations are not the problem.
I know missing you would make me sad,that moment when you’ll leave my side would rip my heart out.Yes i even know that you’re mine ,mine forever the negativity it helps to avert.


In the realm of dark,
All the nights are thrilled,
There are some wounds,
Which will never heal,
Somewhere above the skies I am waiting for you,
Though the nights are making me blue,
Our love was unbreakable,
But your words made it feeble,
Although waiting for you kills me everyday,
but don’t be afraid I don’t mind waiting a little more,
I’ve loved you for my life and would love you even after i am no more.