Whole day

Is it 1 in the clock ?
So by turning at your place I can give you a shock

Waiting for clock to turn 2.
Because all I can think about is You.

When will the clock turn 3?
So I could love you like a beautiful tree.

I know after three the clock turns 4.
I love you to the core and I love you even more.

Oh yeah the clock has turned 5.
Your presence in my life makes me feel alive.

The clock is turning 6.
There are some mistakes which i have to fix.

Clock turned 7.
When I rest in your arms it feels more like heaven.

Did the clock turn 8?
Because now I cannot wait.

Waiting for the clock to tik 9.
Now I’m going to pull you closer and call you mine.

Deep down the clock turned 10.
It’s hard to accept that you left my heart broken.

Clock tiks eleven .
I miss those arms which made me feel like I’m in heaven

Now it’s clearly 12 at midnight .
I hoped thatย  you would love me and I’d hug you tight.