Hey,how are you?. Well I don’t know from where to start with but I just wanted to congratulate you. You’ve done your work,you’ve killed me,not physically but mentally.

Though I don’t have any right to tell you anything but yes I wanted to tell you something,that in future don’t do this to someone again. Don’t come close to them if you’re going to leave. Don’t hold their hand if you’re never going to touch their skin again. Don’t feel their heartbeat if one day you’re going to take their heart away or else they’ll turn dampened like me.

I’ve never stopped you from making decisions and never will. Though I don’t even have any right to do so but just make sure whatever decision you take doesn’t get back to you with a problem.

Do me a favor if you love someone then love them truly or don’t love them at all,don’t leave them hanging around. Just like you left me. There are many things left unsaid. I feel things are incomplete. I don’t know what but something is.  Maybe it had to end like this.

P.s – I’d still care for you.

Tanveer Khan