Okay,I don’t know from where to begin. Even you know I’m too bad at expressing things,first. I’d like to thank you for every library moments. For every hugs and pecks you gave. To be more precise  every bad or good moments spent with you. I mean moments spent with you good or bad has to be special.
I just wanted to thank for everything you gave. Again good or bad,I still remember that first bus stop time when you held my hands unknowingly for the first time, our first kiss.
When you were with me I could say that how lucky I’m to have you, now when you’re gone all I could say is how lucky I was to have you.

 I don’t know how your nights are going but on this side it’s miserable. Every night I’m losing myself little more and little less. I don’t know why this heart is still waiting, for someone to find this lost soul. I want that someone to be you.

From someone you once loved.

Tanveer Khan.