I thought you’ll heal my soul
Every inch and every hole.
I thought I owned so much of you,
But you didn’t take time to disown
No matter how hard I try;
One day I knew you’ll leave me alone.
Why did you have to leave?
Why did you leave my soul?
So many questions but-
 answers yet to mould.
Even if I try to mould,
 in the end I’ll append
I forgot to feel those
 moment of felicity.
Though it wasn’t a felony;
At the boundaries of start and end.
I realised that-
Time is the only thing
I can never lend.

Tanveer Khan


I Dreamt.

Last night I dreamt a dream,
that she loved me
with all she had,
loved all my flaws,
loved me with no expectations,
made me her top most priority.
I  was about to fly high
above the skies of her love
but night sky went off,
off with my dream
,when I woke up
I could not see the sky .
Well, how could i?
Everything around me was just a lie.

Tanveer Khan

I Remember.

I remember
There was a girl I once knew;
I loved her with all I had.
It was my heart that she took,
I loved her for my whole life;
She didn’t even love me
For two paragraphs in a book.
I remember
That wonderful day
When she promised to say
That night when all
The promises she made
Couldn’t survive and were dead.
I remember
Your wish,my wish
Rather our wish.
Things we had to do
Was a long list.
I cannot forget the
taste of your last kiss.
I cannot forget the
Rest in your arms
like a star I want to hold them,
In time i hope i’ll learn
All these things not to miss them.

Tanveer Khan

On A Paper.

On a paper, a thousand times;
I miss you he writes.
He is still missing those nights
With meaningless fights.
I’ll never forget you he writes.
He thought of a thousand messages,
That he’ll never type………..
I’ll never stop loving you he writes.
At a point he gave up
Now he doesn’t miss ,
Those nights with such fights.
He forgot her,
Now he doesn’t love her.
He gave up because..
One day he died.

Tanveer Khan

Only You.

You were like the stars in the night sky
You were the only wish i had
You were like the blood,
I could feel you in my veins
You were my remedy;
 to all my pain.
You were my only dream
I hoped it will come true.
You were my sunshine
I thought your every
second beat is mine
I thought you’ll walk a thousand miles
Just to see me smile
But you didn’t even love me for a while.

Tanveer Khan


We all sail in a sea of strangers.
Till we find those arms,
Which would protect us.
Till we find  a soul ,
Which will not leave;
Us in a dark hole.
When we find them;
We call them ours.
And fly in the realm of wild wind.
Our Soulmates give us scars.
They scratch our heart
To give us pain,they tell a lie
To make us cry.
Some of them move on
But some are still too high,
Rather they would just love to die.
Perhaps when this ends,
Some move with,
While some move against

Tanveer Khan


Love is a land where we all reside,
Forever or never you had to decide.

You decided to give up,
Hoping that it’d be a bad dream;
But I never ever woke up.

This truth I wanted to deny,
But then I forgot every promise
Made by you was just a lie.

I was prepared to fight the whole
World with you by my side.

But I didn’t know you’d
be the one to disown,
I thought we were fighting together,
In the end I realised that I was fighting alone.

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Her Smile.

“What are you doing?”,she asked.
“Gazing at the stars in the night sky, I love their glitter, they shine so bright.”,he replied.
“I know they shine too bright, but when compared to your eyes nothing shines as bright.”,she said.

“Well,you said it before this night,
The night of our love which holds that my eyes shine
But  let me tell you one thing the reason of
that shine , the reason why they are so bright,
Guess that thing, guess the reason,
Making  it easy for you, look into my shining
what do you see?,
i guess its just YOU YOU and YOU…
Here you get the catch , catch of my shine its
nothing but just a bit of your smile.”,he replied.

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In the realm dark I felt a monster around.
I started shivering tremor.
I could hear some voices shouting inside my head.
In the realm of dark I let my hands touch my soul.
I didn’t know inside there’s a hole
When I took my hands off
Out of that black hole inside my soul
I was wondering is it
 the realm of dark or my soul has turned black
At last I could see a shadow
But then I realised in the realm of dark I was left all alone.
The shadow that I could see and
The monster that scared me;
Was nowhere else but inside me.

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